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President’s Report 

Spring is approaching and it’s time for everyone to start  thinking about gardening, that is if you’re into it. For all  others, it’s time to think about camping, lawn mowing and  outside chores before summer time.

For us at the Branch, it ‘s time to clean up the front of the  building and the newly cleaned up back yard. Thank you  to Scott Shiells and VI Rentals for the use of the Bobcat to  clean up Aprell House yard. Soon we’ll plant some grass  seed to clean up the mud so we can use the property. I  would like to see us move the smoking tent back of the  main road area, but need some volunteers to help with this  move.

Now it’s my time to RANT!! I am frustrated to understand  why we continue to have so few members come to our  General meetings. Other than the necessary Executive,  Color Party we only have about 10-15 members attend. I  wonder if you realize these few people are making the decisions  for your Branch and that if a decision is made by  this small quorum, you have no say after a vote is completed.  I know a meeting can be boring and sometimes  long, but as a Society we need your input in the vocal  sense, not as a silent partner. Is there something we need  to do to get you out to the meetings? Let us know. The  upcoming meeting in March is a prime example of why we  need your opinions and discussion for the motion being  put forward. Pending the decision by you, the members,  the vote is done. Please remember how the decision was  made and support whatever outcome is decided.

Also, if you see a new member come into the Branch,  please make them welcome and go and say Hi, how you  doing and welcome to Branch 91. Remember, they may  not have seen our House Rules or Dress Code.. Please  don’t yell across the bar “take your hat off”, etc. Take the  time to introduce yourself and make them welcome.

The Branch continues to do well financially due mostly in  part to the many functions being booked. Cde. Caspersen  deserves a huge thank you for stepping up and doing a  great job during the absence of our Ways and Means  Chair the last couple of weeks.

A new camera system is going to be installed soon, with  cameras being located at the main entrance, the bar in the  lounge, the bar in the auditorium and the kitchen.

Also for you that have yet to renew your 2016 Membership,  I would encourage you to please do so. If you have a  reason for not renewing, please let us know.

Norm Scott

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