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Presidents Message

Well, it’s summer time and our Branch is in hard times as we don’t have  the Leagues to keep us going over the summer months. Yes some will say  our hall is busy and that is true, but we have to keep our Bar busy also.  I’m asking you the members to please don’t forget us over the next few  months. Keep your eyes on the bulletin board for events coming up?

Over the last several months we have had a great chef who served our  branch very well. I have to advise we are without a cook again due to the fact that we can’t give the maximum hours over the summer months and  he made a decision to move on and become a painter. We wish Dean well  and all the best for the future. Now this has happened, the Kitchen will  be open limited hours throughout the summer until we find another  cook. The hours will be posted on the monthly calendar and/or the  bulletin board. We apologize to anyone for the inconvenience this may  cause.

Okay – an update on the Aprell house behind the Branch. We will be  starting the remediation of the house starting June 8th and will take the time as needed by the remediation company. I know we all can’t wait  for the house to be gone. I know we all have some great ideas for the area and we’ll see what happens when the land is cleared. I would like to   thank all the Glad Tidings church who created the new garden and  worked on the flower beds in front of the Branch. I am sure what has  been done will help our volunteer gardener. I would also like to advise  we will be creating a path to the new smoking area soon. I would ask  smokers to put your cigarette butts in the containers supplied in the  smoking area and not in the flower containers or on the grass or dirt  area due to the dryness and/or fire hazard.

Over the next three months we will be asking our building committee to start looking at the future of the Branch. If you’re interested in  helping with this process, please leave your name at the office.

Have a great summer, but remember where your Legion is and stop by  for a refreshing cool one. Any ideas you might have about how to  improve our sales over the summer please let me know when you see me  in the Branch.

Norm Scott

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