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President’s Report

Wow! Where is the time going? It is now February and Valentine’s is quickly approaching. What are you going to get your spouse, friend, partner, etc.? It is one time a year where we can remember those who’s hearts we have.

Over the last month I have done some thinking over why we do not have some of our members helping out with volunteering. Still to this day I can’t figure out why we lack support from all our members. I think some forget we are a volunteer organization and we need the members to step up. It seems we have the same members stepping up and many others sitting idle. So my question to you is why? Is there a reason you can’t step up or is it you just do not feel you need to! Without your support we will not succeed as we have over the last few years.

As all of you know, our Ways and Means Chair has stepped down from our catering part of the Legion and currently we have no one willing to take on this position. This is a concern and will impact the future of our Legion, so if you have the time and can volunteer please contact our office or Sandra Pinard our volunteer coordinator. Her job is a painful one when she calls, emails, etc. and no help can be found.

Have you bought your ticket to one of our upcoming functions such as the Legion Dance February 11 with Rock Steady or Johnny Cash on March 11th. If not, please get out and purchase a ticket and come support your Branch. Oh yes! Don’t forget about the SUPERBOWL party in the Bar and Audi. Lot’s of prizes and a great menu!

Over the last week we have made some changes in the washrooms throughout our Branch. These changes reflect the stability of the toilets so you will not be able to rock yourself any longer. We found the floor underneath was rotten and needed some care.

If anyone out there knows of a floor finisher who could help out with the audi floor and also the floor in front of the main bar, please contact the office. As you have all noticed I’m sure, the floor is starting to lift and we have to do our liability requirements to make sure it is safe for people to walk without catching their foot, etc. and tripping. My thought is to laminate in front of the bar. Perhaps vinyl laminate which holds up to spillages and scratches. Any thoughts are appreciated as to how we can do this.

Okay! Please have some patience over the next few weeks as Sandy is gone on holidays. Maureen Dineen will be in the office to help where she can.

I have noticed Membership has slowed down and many people are still puzzling athte door. If you have not renewed, please do so soon.

Norm Scott

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