President’s Report

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Wow!! It’s Summer 2017 already! Where did the Spring go? Well I hope you are all enjoying it.

What I would like to take a moment to remind you is that we need you to visit our Branch over the next couple of months and not forget we need your support. These are the quiet times in the Branch where the financial kitty gets hit hard because we do not have you supporting us because you are doing gardening, socializing, camping, etc. Remember, first, this is a business and it requires the bar to have members/guest in it.

Over the last few months we have seen the decrease of members during evening and weekends and we have made some changes to our hours to reflect this on Sundays. We are now open 1pm to 7pm hoping we can attract the members/guests for an afternoon drink. We have also noticed we will have to look very hard at our closing times if our evening traffic does not increase. I know it is summer but we are a business first and foremost and have to be on our toes at all times. If you have any ideas to help us out, come forward and we will listen with open ears.

Now! Over the next while we will still be applying for an outside Patio license so you will be able to go sit out back and have a drink in the sun and/or shade. This process does not happen over night but we hope sooner rather than later. Once we have the approval we will post as to when the Patio will be opening.

Just to keep you informed, we have agreed and signed on with TL Housing to complete a feasibility study of our Branch. And, just so you don’t get worried, TL Housing will be doing this study on their dollar and not ours with the understanding that if we do not like it, we can say it is not what we wanted and then we can walk away with no financial restraint from them. This study will hopefully give us a better idea of what we should build and what is needed in the community.

Anyone interested in playing horseshoes? We are looking to have pits put in the back of the Branch so if you are interested, let the office know.

Our Golf Tournament coming up July 11-12th. It is hard to believe the lack of support from our Branch and other Branches – I truly understand why Provincial events for BC/Yukon get cancelled due to lack of participation from the Branches. There is still time to come out and support this event either playing as a Single, Double or Team.

Finally, remember to keep your water consumption up and make sure you wear a hat in this hot weather.

Happy Summer

Norm Scott
Lest We Forget