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Dear Comrades:

It may seem like a long time away but September is rapidly approaching. Renewals of membership for 2018 will commence on September 1st, 2017. We want to remind you that the odds of winning are much better as there will be a draw at the end of September, October and November. The earlier you renew the better your odds of winning. Any unsuccessful entries will remain in the draw barrel until November 30th.

All you have to do is send us a cheque or money order, or better still, bring in an amount of $55.00 on or after September 1st. This will ensure that your membership is paid up until the end of next year and that you will continue to receive all the benefits and rewards of membership including receiving the Legion Magazine. Note that this year the Membership Card will be a plastic, “permanent” card rather than the paper ones of previous years.

We value your support and encourage you to continue your membership in our great organization. And remember, as a member you can sponsor others to join.

Membership cards will soon be arriving at the branch, so don’t delay. Come September be one of the first to pay your dues.

Remember, the Early Bird gets the reward!

Yours fraternally,
Membership Chairman
Ken Cruickshank