Presidents Report

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The first question I would ask all of you, is when is summer ending? No rain for months now – we have been in a drought situation.  All we can hope for is when the rains do come it does not end with flooding.  The ground will only soak it up as quick as it can.  Did you know that by keeping your lawn with at least a bit of water on it, it will help the heavy rain drain when it arrives?

The disappointing part for the summer is we could not get our Patio License for the outside so the members could sit outside and have a pint and enjoy the sun and fresh air.  We hope we will hear soon as to whether our application has been approved or not.

Come January 2018 we have decided to move away from the current door cards members have been using for years.  The cost each year for the door cards is USD $1400 annually.  We will be going to a swipe and/or tap door card system.  Those of you who work or used to work as Gov’t employees will be familiar with this type of entry.

The new membership cards will allow us much more flexibility and control for the doors.  The new cards will be handed out and/or mailed come January 1st or sooner.  We will advise when they are available.

It is time to start thinking of what your schedule will be for the upcoming months.  With leagues starting up you will notice we will be very busy at our Branch.  We hope you have brushed off the dust from the last few months and are ready to get the new season underway.  If you see members, visitors come into the Branch take the time to welcome them back.  Remember we are the happiest Branch in the “west”.

I would like to thank those who supported the Invictus Games Flag Tour when they were at our Branch.  We were the first Legion branch of the tour and I know they were very impressed with what we had for their presentation.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Cde. Terri Orser for her time serving as 1st. Vice President of Branch 91.  Cde. Orser has given her notice of resignation so now we have to have a By-Election for the position of Second Vice-President.  Some will ask why 2nd VP? That is because Cde. Grant Vandale will automatically move up to the 1st. VP position, leaving the 2nd VP position open. Come the September General Meeting, we will have an election for 2nd VP to serve till the end of 2018. If you are interested in this position, please go to the office and ask for a copy of the 2nd VP job description.  Also nomination forms will be in the Secretary’s office.

Over the last month I have heard comments around the Branch that we do not do enough for our Veterans and/or Veterans groups. Sooooo… what are we missing with respect to this and if in fact you feel we are not doing what we need to do then please let us now so we can correct this in our Branch.

Our 90th Anniversary is September 1st and we will be putting on activities for the day on the 9th of September.  There will be a CCR Tribute Band/steak dinner in the evening and I hope you will all come out.  We need your support to make it a success – it is only $25 per person dinner and show.  Please show your support for your Branch and let your community know how strong we are as members.

Finally, if you have not been in the auditorium in the last while to see on the Veterans Memory Wall, we have now a TV mounted on the wall that will be showing the pictures of Veterans.  If any individual would like to have their picture and some comments of their Military career put onto this slide show, please drop a copy of a photo and history by email, or drop a hard copy off at the Branch Office.

Norm Scott