Here we are at Fall now and the little bit of rain has started. Hope all had a great summer and welcome back to the Branch.

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This upcoming Fall brings lots of goals as we as a Branch want to achieve. We recently met with TL Housing Group to discuss future possible building ideas. Also, we are meeting with another developer so now we have to make some decisions as to the next steps and what we need to do. We will keep you informed as much as possible throughout this process. If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to contact myself or an executive member with your questions.  We will be putting out a questionnaire in the future to see what facilities you think our Branch needs in the future.

As we approach the upcoming months, I would like to advise you we will be hosting many events in our Hall and Lounge and hope you can work with us during these events. Our Branch calendar is now so full we have had to say no to requests for use of our facility. BUT! Here is the problem – we need more volunteers to help with Ways and Means catering/kitchen duties. I would ask if you have some free time and you can help out, please contact the office or Bea LeBlanc at At our current rate, if more volunteer helpers are not found we will have to possibly hire staff to fill positions with respect to our catering needs. If this is done it will reflect our bottom line.

I would ask if you see Phil let him know our garden outside looks great and say thanks for keeping our Legion looking so beautiful over the spring and summer months.  Over the winter months Phil takes our old hanging baskets and replants them for the next year. He does all this work from his home and we are very appreciate to his hard work.

I hope everyone enjoyed our CCR event. This was a risk as we have never brought in a band such as this in the past and didn’t know if the members would support it. Now knowing that, we will be looking to book another big act. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Tammy Shiells and Bea LeBlanc for making this event such a success. We raised over $2000 in profit.

Just to advise members, recently after having approval from a General meeting, we purchased a Vimy Oak Tree to place at our cenotaph in memory of the fallen soldiers who died 100 years ago. A plaque has been made which will sit at the bottom of the tree when planted. The City of Langford has recently removed a tree that was damaged and will be placing the Vimy Tree in its place. There will be a fence of some kind around it so it won’t get broken and gets a chance to root and grow. If you have time, please go to the cenotaph to see and pay your respects to our fallen soldiers.

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome Richard Walker back to the Executive as 2nd Vice-President of Branch 91.

Norm Scott