Well, another great year for Langford Legion!

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I would like to thank you the members of Prince Edward Branch for your support at our Bar and volunteering through man events throughout the 2017 calendar year. Without our membership’s support we would not be able to host the events we do.

This past calendar year we hosted some great events such as the Levee, Legion Week, Steak Nights, Vimy Ridge Candle Light Ceremony, Invictus Games, Planting of our Vimy Tree, CCR Tribute Band, Remembrance Day and many more. This coming year we have planned many more events such as Valentines Dance with Rukus, and two weeks later with a Tribute to the Eagles presented by Eagle Eyes. For further updates to our events calendar check out our web site at www.rcl91.ca

Now 2018 has arrived and increases have come to our attention from our suppliers of alcohol. Over the next short while we will be looking at our prices to make sure we are still in the guidelines set by BC/Yukon as to percentage of sales. If we do not have to raise prices we will not do so, but in the case we might have to raise some of them, it will be from .05 to .10 per item. So please do not make it rough on the bar staff as they have to follow directions of the executive.

I would also like to thank all who stepped forward to run in the recent elections for the Branch. Further to this, I would like to say thank you to any member who did not get in this year for all their support over the past year. To the new Board members, welcome, and thank you for stepping up. For the Executive to who were re-elected, thank you and work starts January 1st.

Happy New Year to all and hope your upcoming year is met with happiness and good times.

Norm Scott