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First, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the members who have renewed their memberships for the 2018 calendar year. There is a big increase over the last few years of members getting their renewals done. We would also like to take the opportunity to welcome all the new and transferred members who have come to join in with the fun at Branch 91. Now, if you haven’t got your 2018 membership, please do so  sooner then later. We hope you like the new door card system.

Over the next while we will be doing some meetings with the New Building project where we will be meeting with CMHC to discuss a grant to help start the project – feasibility studies are needed prior to moving much further. Just to let you know, your Building committee is meeting often to discuss further steps needed to be done. We would like to thank the members for participating in the survey where it gave back some valuable information to the committee.

Soon, I hope we will get our new flag poles installed in front of the Branch. We have four quotes as to cost to have them installed. We got these poles from the purchase of stuff from Harbour Towers. Our current flag stands continue to rip the flags which get caught up and tangled on the pole.

Well now the sad news – with the purchase of a new used dishwasher for our Kitchen, we found after getting it into the kitchen it could not be used due to being a 3-phase system and our Building is only a 2-phase wiring system. So now we will look at selling the dishwasher to recoup some of our expense.

As you know and have seen, we have planned a couple of events for the upcoming month. One being a Valentines Dinner in support of our National Dominion Crib championships (this event is just about sold out) and on February 24th a Tribute to The Eagles. Tickets are still available so get yours quickly and support your Legion.

We would like to let you know as to the recent news article in the Gazette around us applying for a patio license.  It has not died as the City of Langford has given us a 90-day extension. So what we have done is sent a letter to our neighbors to hear their concerns around comments made at the Council meeting. This meeting will be held January 30, 2018.  From this meeting we hope to get some information together and ask to speak at the next Council Meeting.  Hopefully, they will be happy with what we present and pass on our  approval to BC Liquor Control.

Thank you,

Norm Scott